Jessica Thering, MS, PC, SACIT
Mental Health and AODA Counselor

As a board certified Music Therapist and Professional Counselor, Jessica Thering learned how much she enjoyed working with people to help them overcome obstacles, develop techniques for them to live within the range of their personal capabilities, as well as pursue activities to compliment and strengthen personal talents. She views the therapeutic alliance as one of the most complex and rewarding tools when working within the therapy setting. Her two careers dovetail to give her the best opportunities to present clients with both traditional and non-traditional methods of working toward a lifestyle that is healthy.

Earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy and then her Master’s Degree in Community Psychology, both from Alverno College, she especially understands women’s and gender issues. Other areas of interest include self-sabotage behaviors, family counseling, obsessive compulsive tendencies, as well as eating disorders. She is skilled at using evidenced-based techniques to help clients lead healthier, happier lives. She believes in focusing on personal strengths to foster growth and is skilled at helping clients gain insight and a deeper understanding of themselves to create more fulfilled lives.

While she grew up in a small town, she has been living in the city of Milwaukee for over a decade.  This gives her the capacity for understanding how lives can be impacted by location and resources.  She has experienced significant loss in her life which makes her empathetic regarding the losses someone may need to process.  She believes life is a combination of many components and no one thing makes up a personality.  Each of her clients remains an individual.